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Tour Dupont Underground

Come see Dupont Underground for yourself! Tours cost $15, are 45 minutes long, and cover Dupont Underground’s history up to the present date while giving you a chance to view the space.

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[January 2017-March 2017]

Sometimes the most mundane of objects make for the most dynamic materials. Dupont Underground’s newest exhibit, MAKE IT WORK, explores how an abandoned space and the raw industrial materials found in such a space can be reinvented into contemporary art. Each artist created their installation as a reflection of an architectural feature of Dupont Underground. From wire sculptures dancing between the remnants of Raise/Raze, to a light tunnel defying depth perception, to a tunnel within a tunnel, to canvases of mixed media conversing with the haunting remains of the underground food court, MAKE IT WORK encourages viewers to reconsider the the purpose of space, structure, and time.

Curated by David Ross


[January 2017]

Graffiti culture has always existed in the marginalized and forgotten spaces in our community. From the railroad tracks that mirror our transit system, to the underpasses of bridges and back alleys of our neighborhoods. For more than three decades, Washington, DC has played host to a thriving community of graffiti writers who have redefined public perception of graffiti through large scale installations and public arts projects. The Dupont Underground space has always been an area of interest in our city, particularly to the graffiti community as a history of artists leaving their marks in tunnels and entrances suggests. Dupont Underground is proud to present this collection of original graffiti works, representing six generations of local graffiti writers and a collection of signatures and illustrations which inextricably connect the tunnels and the graffiti community.

Featured Muralists:

Jay Coleman

After attending Morehouse College 90’-94’ he returned to D.C. to further his studies at the Corcoran School of Art, 99’. Under the direction of his mentor Lois Mailou Jones (painter) he began graduate studies at Howard University. Jay has master’s degree in Special Education for children with emotional and behavioral disorders.

The DuPont Underground murals were conceived in the studio but actualized through the conversations with the DuPont Circle community. It was these interactions with families, elders, neighborhood regulars and stakeholders that fueled the compositions on the 19th ST stairwell. My goal was to make it an organic process guided by the happenings that occurred from new year celebrations to the inauguration and women’s march. Further, the techniques used ranged from spray paint to brush and palette knife work. The work was approached more like a canvas than a wall. Art has a way of galvanizing communities and during this country’s period of polarization it is my hope that these murals will contribute to a much needed healing, introspection, and quest for unconditional love.


CYCLE received his BFA from George Washington University in Washington DC and then his Masters from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. CYCLE makes his living producing Fine Art, Illustration and Graphic Design. He has shown his fine art in galleries in New York, Washington DC, Paris, San Francisco, and Los Angeles as well as Art Basel in Miami. Cycle most recently has had a design piece inducted into the permanent collection at the MoMA in New York as well as shown at the “Art in the Streets” exhibit at the MoCA in Los Angeles. He has also produced exterior murals and installations in New York, San Francisco and Miami.

Paul Miracle

Paul Mericle is a sculptor, painter, and installation artist who lives and works in Baltimore City. His work often builds upon found objects.  Using materials salvaged from constructions sites, dumpsters, and vacant houses/lots throughout Baltimore City he creates relief sculptures that bring to question the viewers relationships with nature, people, and the environment. Mericle has been teaching Arts in Baltimore City Schools for over 9 years. Alongside his, students he has created over 30 murals across Baltimore city including several at the Historic Lake Clifton Campus in East Baltimore, Station North Arts and Entertainment District, and Robert Coleman Elementary/Middle School. In 2016 Mericle was award the Mayors Individual Artist Award Grant for his current project alongside his students “Boards and Bins”

Nills Westergard

Nills Westergard is a nomadic Belgian-American street artist and film maker who’s murals and stencilled works can be found across the US, Europe, and Australia.  He approaches a variety of subjects with a characteristic style bred out of more than a decade of stenciling and a youth spent doing graffiti. He utilizes imagery of social unrest, maps, and increasingly surreal portraiture to create work presented on both sides of the wall. A graduate of VCU Film, Nils also creates animated and live-action music videos He is proudly based in Richmond, Virginia.

Featured Graffiti Artists:

  • SMK
  • REI 21
  • VICE
  • EON 2
  • JAH
  • FAME
  • KASR
  • DONE
  • KELT
  • SMK

Curated by David Ross and Corey Stowers

Literaoke II

Kaya Press and the Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center present LITERAOKE II where the hottest writers will belt out their Karaoke favorites and share some of their work. What better way to come together and feel good in the face of these dystopian times than raising our voices.

Workplace Residency

Currently we’re accepting submissions for our Workplace Residency Program which engages selected arts practitioners for a five-month period in which they can develop a specific project or body of work within the DU’s 14000ft2 East Platform.


Nonprofit of the Year Award

Dupont Underground thanks Washington Business Journal for the 2016 “Nonprofit of the Year” Award



After the March

Check out this photo of Laura Reed singing “Shero” at our After the March event on January 21st!